Brazil PAU 5LB (sweet and juicy)

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A naturally processed Brazil of the yellow bourbon cultivar. We roast this one low and slow and add heat towards the end drop just before second crack. 

The natural process of this coffee allows some stone fruit notes with a cocoa finish. It has a big, juicy body with a malic, tangy acidity. 

This is our house Brazil for most cafes and restaurants. It's a classic work horse of a coffee and supports a farm in a way that we can stand behind as one of our most purchased single origin. 

This is a Brazilian co op coffee of the best of the best from well sourced estates that take care of their farmers. There are schools and medical care facilities built for the farm workers. This co op is committed to developing the lives of farmers in a realistic way that we can support by roasting this coffee well and selling the heck out of it.

This coffee is perfection for cold brew and auto drip.