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Opelika Bodega Assistant Manager

Tillie is a short gal born and raised in Opelika AL. She graduated from Auburn University with a degree in Microbiology and a desire to explore other interests. Tillie is a Virgo through and through: hardworking, emapthetic, and the best kind of sarcastic. Having drank coffee from the age of 4, she wanted to gain more knowledge in the coffee industry. She joined Mama Mochas as a barista in the fall of 2017, and has continued learning also becoming a chef and assistant manager of the new Opelika location along the way. She loves talking about music (especially the Shrek soundtrack), partaking in in-depth research of random topics, and snoozing on the couch with her handsome cat Biggie. Next time you see her, make sure to bring up the greatest movie ever, Babe, or any other off the wall topic.


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