Haley Spurlock

Mama Mocha's Admin


Hey I’m Haley! Born and raised in Auburn! I have 2 cats who I love dearly, but I have a love for all animals! I’m interested in astrology and crystals! I also love nature and exploring! My love for coffee began early on when my family would go to Target after church on Sunday’s and get Frappuccinos from Starbucks. I remember the first time I went to Mama Mochas. I met up with a friend and was so nervous because everything and everyone was so cool! I got a Honey Bomb and it is still one of my favorite drinks!! After that I would frequent for the next 4 years before joining the team! I began my coffee career and a love for the craft at a larger chain prior to here! When I joined the Mama Mochas team I learned there’s SO much more to everything! I am still learning so much everyday and it excites me to learn the art and just everything from the bean to the mug. I’ve been able to dive in deeper and pick up knowledge that I never knew possible! My involvement to the team is producing delicious food and awesome drinks! I love the coffee and community that has formed and is forming at the Opelika location!! I’m so excited to build and serve the Opelika family as well as Auburn’s.

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